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Company Overview“As we are amorous of everything glamorous, all our events are sparkly with a touch of luxury.” We would like to present to you the new, the dazzling and the first-it’s-kind event planning boutique service: Cameleon MGT!As an event company, our aim is to create scenarios and set ups that are larger than life and beyond the mundane day-to-day experiences. We create events the same way a director creates a movie. There’s a stage with carefully selected actors, a lighting crew, a film crew, with directors and producers and last but not least, a theme. At Cameleon MGT we are talking Hollywood material!DescriptionHere at C-MGT, not only do we tailor-make every event to suit every client’s individual palate, we also create never-seen-before concepts, themes and parties. That’s right! We are the first company ever to throw divorce parties (Oh yes!), Guess-The-Sex parties and a whole lot more themes that you’ve probably never heard of or even imagined.

Symposium center - Sin El Fil, Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon, 1107

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