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Chemtex Speciality Limited is a rapidly growing chemical manufacturing & marketing company and has been active in the development, production and marketing of specialty chemicals additive for various applications, since the year 1970.In service to the industry and trade since more than last four decades, the entire team of Chemtex is proud to be a trusted business partner of its customers, offering excellent technical support and best supply chain management solutions for domestic & overseas trade.Today, organizations choose us for our integrity, transparency, our observance for high standards & our commitment to customer value. Chemtex offer wide range of speciality chemicals, including Corrosion Inhibitors, RO membrane treatment chemicals, HVACnR maintenance and treatment chemicals, industrial cleaners, cooling water treatment chemicals, effluent treatment chemicals, boiler compounds, acid inhibitors (rodine), dusloc dust suppressant, heat transfer fluids, degreasers, disinfectants for food and beverage industry, plant maintenance chemicals, industrial coolants, PCM (Phase Change Materials), water treatment chemicals etc.Chemtex has mastered the ways and means of doing business better with a farsighted combination of vision, creative thinking, technology, logistics and management services. In all that we do, we are guided by our mission statement - 'The Chemtex Way'. Doing business this way has paid us rich dividends.

33 Brabourne Road, Kolkata 700 001,West Bengal, India, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, 700001

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