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Kleverk Designs is an innovative Web Design and Development company with three offices- Auckland, NZ, Shanghai, CN and Mumbai India. We focus on your ideas and business needs and create an online presence that has muscle and mettle. We make it easy and you work with a dedicated project manager who will work with you from incept to completion. The best designers create stunningly professional and creatively impactful websites that are accessible, user-friendly, subtle and aggressive all at once. Even as we focus on branding, cutting edge technology is used in every project we handle. Our creative and technology teams are in constant innovation mode and our rigorous training programs ensure that you are presented with the latest and best solutions. WordPress Website Design, Ecommerce, PPC, SEO, Responsive Web Design and Mobile App Development- we have it all running through the veins of our company, to give you websites that move, trend and amaze.

level 13, Platinum techno ParkSector 30A, Bhagwan Mahavir Road,vashi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400703

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