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Gramicid ® Eco Friendly BroadSpectrum Disinfectant our brand product is manufactured at our Maharashtra FDA registered unit, which follows all the GMP practices.It is NSF Certified. It, as the name suggests, is an eco-friendly, broad-spectrum disinfectant and biocide that is effective on all types of pathogens. It also works as an eco-friendly sanitizer and used for fumigation purpose of disinfection. It could be easily availed from us. Our Gramicid Eco Friendly Water Disinfectant has rapid germ killing effects due to which it is widely demanded.
GRAMICID is the registered trademark for our disinfectant. It contains Hydrogen Peroxide and silver. it requires very low dosing & quite Economical as compared to other Brands. So Gramicid will work out as most cost competitive brand besides being most effective. Our Gramicid Eco Friendly Water Disinfectant is in demand for its diverse usages in varied applications in which halogens, quats, aldehydes and phenols are used. Moreover, the Gramicid Eco Friendly Water Disinfectant can be used as an effective alternative in case where there is a risk involved with halogenous substances regarding change in peculiar flavor, taste and the formation of chemical compounds with the basic elements.

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