Thermic FLuid Oil

Thermic FLuid Oil

Industrial Chemical, Gas & Metals

Product Description

Preci-Tech India offer Thermic fluid oil. It is used as a heat transfer media in industries. It is used as top-up fill in the existing conventional heat transfer oils like mineral oil. Because of synthetic hydrocarbons, it gives zero carbon deposits in the pipe line.Other properties of Synthetic Thermic Fluid Oil: • Base Oil : Synthetic Hydrocarbons (100%)• Appearance : Bright Yellow Liquid• Max.Temperature : 320?C / 608?F• Flash Point : 200 - 240 ?C (ASTM D 92)• Pour Point : (-60) - (-40)?C• Moisture Content : 50 - 100 ppm• Total Acid No. : 0.005 - 0.01 mg KOH / g

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