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That mission: take over and subsume its European rival, the Swiss corporation Syngenta, and create what would easily be the largest company in the history of agribusiness. Syngenta has so far resisted the merger, but Monsanto continues to put on the pressure. What does a Monsanto-Syngenta (Mongenta? Synsanto?) mean for the world of agriculture?

Monsanto made its mark with the insanely popular herbicide Roundup, and then throughout the 1990s acquired dozens of genetically modified seed companies, figuring out a way to engineer seeds that were resistant to Roundup. Monsanto currently sells 35 percent of all corn seeds in North America, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Syngenta is a similar company with a similar dominance of the market in Europe, though it has a slightly different focus than Monsanto. Both companies do a bit of everything, but Monsanto is primarily a seed company that also creates and sells agricultural chemicals, whereas Syngenta is primarily a chemical company (pesticides, mainly) that also sells seeds.

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