Roll Compactor Machine

Roll Compactor Machine

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Offers Roll Compactor, Roller Compactors For Dry Granulation, Roll Compactor Machine, Freund-Vector-Roller Compactor Spare, Gerteis Roller Compactor Spare.FEATURES• In compliance with cGMP guidelines• Contact parts are made of S.S. 316 except rollers• All covers are designed to obtain dust-free operation• Feed screw is steplessly driven through variable frequency drive.• Hard chome plated & mirror finished compacting rolls made of tools steel• Pre-compaction chamber guides the product to rolls without any slippage or leakage.• Electrical interlocking beetween main roll drive and feed screw drive• Water Jacketing arrangement (optional)• Hydraulic Power Pack system (optional)• ACVF Drive for rolls (optional)• PLC system as per 21 CFR part 11 (optional)

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