Builders & Developers

Builders & Developers

Construction, Material, Machinery & Real Estate - Land and Property

SGA Builders & Developers is a vertical of SG Associates. We are specialized as
Architects, Residential & Commercial Builders, Real Estate Mediators & Agents, Property Developers, Building Contractors, Civil Consultants, Civil Engineers, Interior Designers, Interior Decorators, Property Appraisers, Structural Engineers,

All our activities are Services Oriented only. We do not involve in Trade of any Tangible goods (Products, Stocks, Properties or any other inventories in business).


Exceptional quality of construction, a transparent buying experience, speedy completion and delivery at low costs forms the hallmark of our organization. Our continuous focus and dedication to unmatched quality sets us apart in the market. All our base materials obtained in our construction process, right starting from steel, cement, tiles, or apartment fixtures are sourced from prestigious companies, which comply with high standards of integrity and product sophistication.

We undertake construction contracts for Residential individual houses, Apartments, Commercial complexes, Schools, Colleges, Shops, Retirement homes, etc. We help our customers to build houses either through outright purchase of land or through a joint venture with landowners.

We also adhere to additional requirements from our customers such as routine maintenance of their properties, propose sale or renting of their properties , demolition and renovation of their existing properties, etc.

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