Oxon Anti slip

Oxon Anti slip

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Anti slip Treatment

Invisible chemical treatment for use on Mosaic, Terrazzo, Granite, Concrete, Cement, Marble, Kota, Kapda, Ceramic, Vitrified, Porcelain Tiles and floors?

What is “Oxon Safe Grip” and how does it work?

This product is an invisible floor chemical treatment (not a coating), the effects of which can only be seen under a microscope. Following treatment the floor is immediately rinsed with clean cold water to ensure no chemicals remain on the surface. This chemical treatment alters the existing surface by creating thousands of micro-pores. When wet these micro-pores are filled with water and the pressure of footfall squeezes out the water creating hundreds of vacuum cups sucking the foot onto the surface thus radically reducing the possibility of the foot slipping.

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Oxon technology
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