French Language Traininig

French Language Traininig

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Descending from the roots of Roman language and nick named as Romance language, French is the official language in 29 countries, ranking next to English as a language spoken in all five continents. Being the second most wide spoken language in Europe, French has a strong foot in litracy and commerce, making it an international language for communication. Be it for taking a next step in your career ladder or for quenching the thirst to learn a new culture, be it for travelling purpose or for studying abroad, be it a grounding base to learn other languages or for enhancing international relations, there are always a number of reasons to learn French.

With more than 20 dialects, learning French correctly with right knowledge of grammar and vast vocabulary is important. Although a lot of websites on internet will guide in learning French, it beats the personal learning and discussion of ideas and questions. For example, ‘bonjour’, which means hello/good day, is pronounced as bohn-zhooh. When greeting a person ‘bonjour’ or ‘bonsoir’, it is important to shake hands, greeting each person individually even if they are in group. So many strings attached for a greeting! That’s French for you.

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