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Synthetic Badminton Mat

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ports vinyl is the most popular product used for sports today in India due to its versatility, ease of maintenance and vibrant colors. With Boen vinyl, you have the best product in the market. It is a European product, approved by several international federation and has been used in well over 100 projects in India with a strong warranty of up to 10 years.

PVC Indoor sports flooring are widely installed in stadiums with Indoor sports facility. in different thicknesses of 4.5mm, 6.5mm & 8 mm in vibrant shades The cost of maintenance for PVC Indoor sports flooring is quite low in compare to other flooring solutions.
These floorings being made out of 100% PVC, they are water and humidity resident. PVC Indoor sports flooring are easy to repair and long lasting. The most profound characteristic of PVC Indoor sports flooring is that it is safe because it reduces friction caused by heat and injuries caused because of slippage. PVC Indoor sports flooring are multipurpose sports flooring playing basketball, badminton, tennis, ping pong and volleyball. that could be used Indoor Badminton court, Tennis court, Basketball court, Multipurpose,Table Tennis etc.

The project cost comparison: general professional wood sports flooring, solid wood flooring cost of training were 450-1600 yuan / sq m, while the PVC sports flooring professional and non-professional venue construction costs are in the 280-700 yuan / square meters. Prices have obvious advantages.
The construction speed comparison: the general construction of sports venues, take basketball for example, generally a standard basketball court wood floor construction takes 15-20 days, while PVC sports flooring construction only need 5-7 days to complete.
Floor performance comparison: solid wood flooring is easy to crack, deformation, infestation, mildew, resonance, impact resistance is poor, poor wear resistance, rebound rate of 90%; while PVC sports flooring has good abrasion resistance, stain , antimicrobial resistance, easy cleaning, maintenance, no distortion, no cracking, no bagging, no insects, mildew, dimensionally stable, resilient up to 98%, safe and reliable, can effectively protect the athlete will not be harmed.
With color comparison: single color wood sports flooring, PVC sports flooring and a variety of colors, suitable for different color requirements, and easy to match, from flooring and space constraints.
Environmental performance comparison: solid wood sports flooring thanks to paint, so the floor is not environmentally friendly release of formaldehyde and PVC sports flooring 100% free of formaldehyde and harmful gas emissions, environmental pollution.
Indoor facilities with Multi Sports Gaming.
Indoor basketball courts.
Billiards and Snooker sets.
Indoor Badminton courts.
Indoor volleyball courts.
Ring football.
Dance Arenas.
Table Tennis Courts.
Yoga and meditation.
Children Play Areas.

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