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My AZ Lawyers has a law firm in Avondale that offers legal representation for criminal defense, personal injury, family law and bankruptcy cases. Our attorneys are trustworthy, experienced and the best. With high ratings on Google and Yelp, get a free case-evaluation at My AZ Lawyers.

Getting charge with a criminal charge, hiring a criminal defense lawyer in within your best interest. A criminal defense lawyers be able to help you mount a defense that either result in the charges being dismissed or in receiving a lighter sentence. Our experience and expertise really matters when facing criminal charges.

When you are hurt from a car accident, work injury, or a slip and fall accidents, it can take a troll from you, both physically and financially. With My AZ Lawyers, we can help you get the compensation and care you deserve so that you can move on from your life altering experience. Our experienced personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way.

If you getting a divorce, filing for custody or adopting a child, hiring a family law attorney will ease the situations. Getting a divorce can get emotionally devastating, for everyone in involve. An Avondale divorce lawyer can help you protect your rights and fight for a settlement that allows you continue living the types of life which you were accustomed. A divorce/family lawyer can also help you with child support, fair division of assets, and an alimony settlement.

If you are fighting against debt, hiring a bankruptcy attorney is within your best interest. Filing for bankruptcy in Arizona can relief you from debt. The attorneys at My AZ Lawyers, will guide you and assist and give you the best reasonable advice for you significant situation. Whether you need to file for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy, contact the Avondale bankruptcy attorneys to receive the best legal advice and guidance.

No one ever wants to have a reason to call an attorney, but the number of times in your life that you may actually need an attorney may surprise you. You will need to call an attorney should you separate from your spouse or the other parent of your children. You will need to call an attorney if you are struggling with overwhelming debts and need to explore your options for debt relief. Of course, you will need a lawyer if you are faced with criminal charges. You may not anticipate having to deal with any of these scenarios. Unfortunately, you may be faced with them sooner or more often than you would like.

My AZ Lawyers in Avondale is here to provide you the expert guidance and legal counsel that you need.

My AZ Lawyers, PLC
12725 W Indian School Rd #101
Avondale, AZ 85392
(623) 399-4222

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