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HVAC Maintenance- Prevent Repairs, Reduce Your Energy Cost

If you could save hundreds of dollars a year on your energy bill, would you want to? As homeowners look for more and more ways to save money, one feature is often overlooked—their HVAC. Heating and cooling expenses account for nearly 46% of the average utility bill. That is a tremendous amount, but it also has the potential for more significant savings.

For homes that aren’t ready to upgrade to a new unit or want to keep their older units in tip-top, maintenance services are the best solution out there. With heating and cooling maintenance, you can have peace of mind that your equipment has been properly serviced. Let’s make a quick comparison.

Many adults own a vehicle. These vehicles need maintenance to maintain their working parts, like the engine. To prevent catastrophic failure, you’ll routinely get an oil change done. Like servicing your car to avoid engine failure and poor performance, you’ll want to have maintenance done on your HVAC—these both feature movable parts and systems that require attention for better function.

Preventing Repairs

No one wants to make that call that their HVAC system is down. Though, if it does, AC Repair Now is more than happy to help. But to stop repairs in their tracks, maintenance can often be a valuable ally. How can maintenance prevent repairs? With features like cleaning the drain lines and coils while lubricating parts, this can stop breaks from happening. Lubrication is vital to keeping parts cool and can quickly stop many issues from occurring. It’s been estimated that with preventative services, you can reduce the possibility of AC and heater failure by up to 90%

Cut Energy Costs

It is estimated that with routine maintenance, you can cut energy costs by almost 40%. That’s a crazy amount of savings during the peak months of usage. The key is to have maintenance performed before turning on the systems for their high output months. For example, your AC should be serviced in mid to late spring. Whether you’re wanting to save a few dollars or would like to keep your AC or heater in good working order, preventive action can help you meet those goals.

Cleaner Air-It’s better for everyone

Clean air has become a focal point in the wake of COVID-19. However, indoor air quality has always been essential, especially for those that suffer from respiratory problems, chronic illnesses, or allergies. With specific preventative maintenance and services, including cleaning your home’s duct, you can drastically improve the indoor air quality. Not only will this help your heating and cooling work more efficiently, but it will also improve the air you breathe. One of the main parts of HVAC preventative maintenance is changing the air filters. The quality of your air filter matters greatly when it comes to performance and air quality.

When it comes to HVAC Maintenance, AC Repair Now has been Las Vegas’ most trusted professionals. We are delighted to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our services, including our maintenance, repairs, and installations. With our HVAC maintenance program, an EPA-certified technician will perform all necessary tasks to keep your heating and cooling working as it should.

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