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Panacea ultimate for rousing energy (PURE) is a product designed by HHM, after researching for more than 20 years from Vedic practice called Agnihotra. HHM has created PURE in such a way that it easily blends in with our modern lifestyle. The product PURE contains two components: Panacea ultimate powder and PURE pyramid. Panacea ultimate is an intelligent combination of 43 herbs handpicked specifically from different geography at various seasons. PURE pyramid is an inverted pyramid with intelligent geometric dimension made of copper and brass. The process of PURE is performed by burning Panacea ultimate in PURE pyramid. The combustion of this 43 herbs liberates energy stored in them to the fullest since it is performed in a copper inverted pyramid. The fumes generated out of this process helps in healing the body and mind beyond the realm of its mechanical or material realm. The fumes also clean the air and aid wellness. The one year box of HHM PURE includes 1 Kalyani shaped lamp,12 monthly boxes in which each monthly boxes contain 30 panacea powder sachets,1 spatula and a brochure .

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