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Limra provide its service to the Nepal heart Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal a melting pot of cultures and a fascinating mix of the east and west, the ancient and the new, where tradition jostles with modernity. Ambulance Services in Kathmandu Kathmandu is a place where ancient traditions are zealously guarded and contemporary technology is welcomed.

Limra is a well-known and well-respected city service that has been around for a long time. Limra has been praised for its prompt delivery and accuracy, both of which are admirable traits.

In KATHMANDU, Limra provided various types of medical services, including air ambulance, rail ambulance, road ambulance, and organ transportation. Limra continues to uphold its operational and clinical standards as one of the country’s most well-known high-performance EMS systems.

Our success is a reflection of our culture and how we treat our employees and their families. Our ability to consistently deliver services that delight our clients starts with our approach to time and people management, as well as finely honed systems. Ambulance Services in Kathmandu We are known for delivering trustworthy medical transportation with knowledgeable employees, clean vehicles, and unmatched service quality.

Important Service We Provide In the KATHMANDU

Air Ambulance:- Limra Air Ambulance Service is KATHMANDU’s foremost air ambulance and medical transport service. For more than decades, the Limra Air Ambulance Service team has been at the forefront of the air ambulance and air medical transport industries. Our team’s passion and skill enable us to provide a flawless bedside-to-bedside travel experience from any location on the planet. Ambulance Services in Kathmandu Limra’s Air Ambulance Service members and medical professionals are all trained.
Road Ambulance Service :- Limra Road Ambulance services has maintained the same company standard in road service and provide the emergency and Non- emergency transfer of patients.
Organ transportation:- Limra provide the most critical service in Kathmandu which is organ transportation. Limra has established itself as a leader in the field of organ transportation and has been saving lives by delivering it on time.

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