Orthotic Insoles Customized

Orthotic Insoles Customized

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Flat feet, also known as fallen arches, are a common condition seen in both adults and children. Normally, feet have an upward longitudinal curve in the middle called an arch. This arch is formed by a group of tendons and ligaments attached to the heel and foot bones. Tendons in the lower leg , along with ligaments in the foot, work together to pull and form the foot’s arch. However, if the tendons do not pull sufficiently enough, there is a low arch or no arch at all. This condition of collapsed arches is popularly known as flat feet.

The treatment for flat feet is dependent on the severity of the condition and underlying cause. In many cases, the symptoms of flat feet can be controlled effectively with conservative care.

Customized orthotic insoles from my care are highly specialized medical devices that are made specifically to support the misalignment of your feet. Orthotics allow joints & bones of the foot to be in a more stable position while standing and in motion. You slip them into your shoes and wear them while performing most of your regular activities.My care professional orthotic team offer products after testing them on various parameters under the vigilance of our quality controllers and experienced professionals. A measurement of your foot is taken so that we can get a cast of your foot and then detailed modifications are made to the cast to ensure a proper fit the orthotic (foot support) is then hand crafted by skilled technicians to get the perfect fit.

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