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Vissco Heating Pad

Health Care - massage Equipments

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Electric heating belt covers to fit any part of the body 3 different heat settings, controlled by a convenient electronic controller slide switch to produce heat therapy at just the right temperature for your ailment A soft outer cover keeps the belt from sticking to the skin and provides a comfort level to filter the excess heat to the skin Provided with dual thermostat and heavy duty imported heating coil 6 layers of insulated safety making it 100% safe for use Copper insulated and flexible extra long cable provided Two-pin plug with PVC coating on pins for safety against shock 12 month warranty provided Voltage : 230V 50 Hz AC 45W Uses For relieving pain and discomfort in body due to common orthopedic problems For providing relief to stiff and sore muscles from an intensive workout For increasing blood circulation in affected area For relieving pain caused by muscle spasm For using on injuries after inflammation where swelling has subsided For providing heat therapy which speeds recovery by bringing in fresh blood cells and taking away waste that hinder healing For treating pulled or torn muscles and tendon by heat therapy For treatment of Cervical Spondylosis For decreasing joint stiffness and pain for arthritis patients For relief from inflamed joints & muscle strain, rheumatic & arthritic pain For relief from orthopaedic problems of the back, lumbar, wrist, elbow, knee, thigh, calf and ankle regions

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