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1500 MT Sulfuric Acid Plant (Sulphuric Acid ) New

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1500 MT Sulfuric Acid Plant (Sulphuric Acid ) New Surplus
Complete new surplus 1500 MT sulphuric acid plant, 50 HZ with 23 MW GE Thermodyn steam turbine generator. All equipment is still manufactures packaging and stored in warehouse. Plant is available due to a cancelled project.
Plant Capacity
Nominal Production:
Acid: 1500 MTPD (as 100% acid)
Oleum: 0 MTPD(at strength)
Plant Flexibility: 50% to 100% of nominal capacity
Sulphur: Liquid
Temperature: 140C
Sulphur content: 99.9% w/w(dry basis)
Ash 20 ppm(max)
Organic matters: _% w/w
Max dry bulb temperature: 47C
Min dy bulb temperature: 5C
Wet bulb temperature 26C
Max Barometric pressure: 102.3 kPa aba
Min Barometric pressure: 99.7 kPa aba
Year average Barom pressure: 101.0 kPa aba
Plant altitude 425 m
Seismic factor: not to be considered
Wind load 15 m/s max.
Cooling water: Industrial water fron cooling tower
Inlet temperture(max) 31C
Delta T (max) 10C
BFW temperature at B.L.: By detail engineer
High Pressure Steam Production
Export pressure: 65 bar abs at superheater 1 A outlet
Export temperture: 405C (Approx.) at superheater 1 A outlet
Note: Only 1 HP Steam superheater at pass 1 outlet
Steam use: electrical power generation

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