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Vertical plastic color mixer

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The color mixer is widely used for mixing, stirring powder, and granule materials. Mixing can be done in a short period of time and it has high performance. Both the mixing barrel and the mixer are made up of stainless steel and polished. A vertical reducer motor is adopted to ensure low noise and durability.

Vertical color mixers are widely used in plastic injection, plastic recycling, and extrusion industry, also used in industries of powder metallurgy, pharmacy chemicals, foodstuff, and ceramic ware. These vertical mixers are mainly used to mix plastic materials of masterbatch, raw materials, and recycled materials.

N2S Technologies Pvt Ltd is a leading supplier of injection molding machine components for the plastic industry. We supply the best products to meet our customer's needs.

A Vertical Color Mixer helps to mix the color evenly throughout the material. It combines the color with the material and mixes it before the plastic processing unit. The mixture then follows the plastic injection process for making the final mold parts. The Mixer Plastic comprises a motor, special barrel design, human-made design, and a paddle. Therefore, the engineers manufacture the plastic color mixer machine with castor wheels, which ensures easy mobility. It combines the material in volume or weight and operates either continuously or by batch.

Five different models are available for loading capacity ranging from 25Kg to 200Kg. Size varies for the same. The rotating speed of the color mixer is 85R/min.

Plastic Granules Mixer Features
The mixing area of the high-speed mixer for plastic is stainless steel.
Cast with aluminum shell.
The performance of the material mixer is good, and it maintains the temperature settings.
Produces low noise with a blower machine.
Dust accumulation in the mixer at the bottom of the tank causes bumming. Then the curvy electric heating tube avoids bumming.
The vertical color mixer is available with a digital display of the temperature controller.
Vertical mixer structure with castor wheels, small size, and helps to remove easily.
The reducer motor ensures low noise and long operation hours.
Fast complete mixing, low energy consumption, and hence ensures high productivity.
The pail cover and bottom parts and compress formed precisely matched. Hence, it is highly durable.
Mixing time able to set within 0-30 minutes.
It gradually reduces the producer’s money, which is then spent regularly for mixing.
N2S is one of the leading component suppliers of injection molding machines in India. We supply all the injection molding components at the top quality range. We also provide customer support reliably and deliver the components safely with the utmost care.

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