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Information Technology - Software Development

Product Description

Create API centric integrations, workflows, and application microservices.

Available as an iPaaS and on the desktop.

Some call it “low-code” but we call it Gloop™. You’ll call it awesome.

Gloop eliminates the grunt work required when creating services for application and data integration, building APIs, and managing data. Gloop makes it easy to perform common development tasks such as mapping and transforming data, iterating over arrays, executing if-else and switch-case logic, invoking external code, running jobs in parallel, and so much more.

What the Flux™?
Flux is Martini’s event based workflow engine for managing asynchronous workflows and event based triggers of Gloop microservices. With Flux you can invoke Gloop microservices sequentially, passing the output of one to the other, and/or in parallel, and Flux will maintain the state of each execution for you. Flux workflows are created visually by dragging Flux states onto a canvas and selecting the Gloop microservice you would like executed when the state is invoked.

Integration beyond HTTP
With the explosion of RESTful APIs it is easy to forget that there are still many integration requirements beyond HTTP. With Martini you can trigger an integration, data transformation, or an automated workflow from multiple transports and protocols, including:
- Incoming email messages
- File changes in the local file system
- Data contained within a Kafka data stream
- File changes in an FTP server
- Published JMS messages
- and more...

Design, mock, and test an API without writing a single line of code. Deploy your API with full API management, security and analytics.

- Create REST APIs
Design, prototype and deploy standards compliant REST APIs with Martini’s API Designer. Design REST APIs using a simple tree hierarchy with nodes in the tree representing service operations and methods.

- Create SOAP APIs
Create a SOAP API in seconds by selecting the services that you would like to publish and your preferred security model. A SOAP WSDL is automatically generated without writing a single line of code.

- Manage API Security
Apply OAuth2 security to your APIs with zero programming. Create users and user groups and issue access tokens to authorise access to your APIs.

- Manage API Usage
Manage API usage at a user level with support to throttle the number of requests a user can make per month, week, day, hour or minute. Optionally configure a custom script to evaluate before serving every request.

- Monetize your APIs
Monetize your APIs by logging authorized users' usage and creating billing rules. Configure custom rules to bill for usage based on price tiers, service plans or any other criteria.

- Proxy legacy APIs
Leverage legacy APIs by proxying via Martini™. Legacy APIs can then receive all the same benefits of publishing an API through Martini™ such as managed security, usage, monetization, transaction logging and reporting.

Seamlessly read and write to SQL and NoSQL databases, JSON, XML, YAML, and flat files. Iterate through massive datasets with built-in support for cursors and ensure that transactions are processed correctly with support for XA transactions.

- SQL Databases
Martini™ supports any JDBC compliant database including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. Automatically generate low-code Gloop™ microservices for your databases using the SQL editor and then drag and drop them into your integrations.

- NoSQL Databases
With Martini™ reading and writing to MongoDB, Redis, and Cassandra NoSQL databases is as simple as any other data source. Design your query, automatically generate Gloop™ microservices that you can drag and drop into your integration.

- Flat Files
Martini™ includes native support for JSON, XML, YAML, CSV and Excel file formats. Using the flat file editor you can import a flat file and generate a Gloop model that can be used with your Gloop™ microservices.

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