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O4U Kashmiri Walnut Cold Pressed Organic Oil.

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Product Description

Slightly warmed organic walnut oil can be massaged under the eyes to reduce the darkness and brighten the eyes.
Fresh walnut oil is enriched with linoleic acid that helps make the skin’s barrier stronger so it can effectively keep water in and irritants out.
Regular use of organic cold-pressed walnut oil promotes good skin health.
Organic walnut oil has anti-inflammatory properties and it can help in fighting off chronic inflammation of the skin.


O4U’s organic Kashmiri Walnut (Juglans regia) oil is cold-pressed from 100% pure and organically grown walnuts with no pesticides. It is cold-pressed (First-press) with no added preservatives or harmful chemicals. Because of its purity, it is light in texture and has great absorption. Our oil comes in an amber glass bottle to protect the contents from harmful UV & UB rays with a dropper. The bottle contains 100% pure Walnut oil with no other ingredients added. It is always made and delivered fresh to you.

Key Features

O4U Kashmiri Walnut Cold Pressed Freshest Organic Oil is cold-pressed from the walnuts. It is a First-Press oil because we value quality over quantity.
Easily absorbs into the skin.
Works gently and deeply for all skin types.
100% Pure and Fresh Walnuts are transported directly from Kashmir as they have superiority not only in taste but in nutrients as well and because they are a native to Kashmir.
No added fragrance, preservatives or harmful chemicals.
Being fresh, shelf life is 6 months.
Store in a cool, dark place to maintain the freshness and achieve maximum shelf life.
Made manually in small batches every month to deliver 100% Fresh, Pure, Raw and Organic oil.
It is fssai approved, Vegetarian-Friendly, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free, Paraben-Free, Halal-Certified, with No Chemical Treatments, and Non-GMO.
It is always made and delivered fresh.


For Skin: Kashmiri cold-pressed walnut oil for skin is really helpful in fighting wrinkles and reducing any fine lines on the face due to its anti-aging properties. Due to its antifungal properties, walnut oil organic when massaged on the affected area helps fight fungal infections from the skin.
For Hair: Kashmiri organic walnut cold-pressed oil for hair is really good in fighting hair fall due to the presence of linoleic acid. It helps provide nourishment to the scalp which thus strengthens the hair follicles and promotes hair growth. It also helps in eliminating dandruff from the dry, itchy scalp as natural walnut oil moisturizes the hair scalp.

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