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A Cost effective way to run Nvidia Geforce RTX and GTX series. Advantages of Graphics Card 1. Performance A Graphics card tends to increase the system performance to a greater extent. It has its own Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) which does the work of graphics processing. Therefore, it does not depend on the CPU for its functioning. A CPU with less load means that it can impact the whole system performance. 2. Gaming The main purpose of graphics card is to allow playing graphically demanding games. Al though most of the computers today comes with integrated graphics, they won't be able to handle games today. Even if it is able to do so, you have to run it in lowest settings possible. Hence, the best option will be using a dedicated graphics card. Using a graphics card users can enjoy playing games with decent frames rates without any problem of lagging. 3. Memory Usage A computers builting graphics card shares a part of system memory for their functioning.

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