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Ethiopia Temam Filter Roast Coffee Beans

Restaurants, Food & Beverages - Coffee Bar/Tea Lounge

Product Description

Origin: Ethiopia
Taste: Apricot Jam, Black Tea, Floral, Kiwi, Milk Chocolate
Roast: Light
Altitude: 2100 MASL
Varietal: 74165
Process: Natural

Enjoy the distinct taste of our single origin Ethiopia Temam filter roast specialty coffee beans. Each bean is a masterpiece crafted for those who cherish the art of coffee.

Exquisite flavor profile: Embrace a unique blend of flavors, where the richness of blackberry jam meets the elegance of black tea. The subtle hints of kiwi and a prominent floral aroma create a sensory delight, turning your coffee moment into pure indulgence.

Versatile brewing, unmatched taste: Whether you're a V60 enthusiast, a French press devotee, an AeroPress expert, or a stovetop brewer, these light roast coffee beans are tailored to suit your brewing style. Its adaptable nature ensures that its exquisite flavors are captured in every brewing method, delivering a consistently exceptional experience.

Make your everyday coffee an exploration of the world's finest flavors. Ethiopia Temam filter roast is not just coffee beans; it's an exploration of the heart of Ethiopia.

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