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Seasonal Blend Espresso Roast Coffee Beans

Restaurants, Food & Beverages - Coffee Bar/Tea Lounge

Product Description

Origin: Brazil & Peru
Taste: Caramel, cacao & milk chocolate with a hazelnut aftertaste
Roast: Medium-Dark
Process: Brazil Natural & Peru Washed

Discover our signature seasonal blend espresso roast, a smooth combination of beans from Brazil Esperanca and Peru Chachapoyas regions. These specialty coffee beans celebrate the rich flavors of Brazil and Peru, perfect for coffee lovers who appreciate a full-bodied experience.

Rich and robust flavor: The seasonal blend offers a taste sensation that starts with a luscious caramel introduction, leading to a crescendo of cacao and milk chocolate. There is a lingering hazelnut aftertaste that dances on your palate with every sip. When enjoyed black, the espresso transforms, revealing a nutty caramel essence wrapped in a velvety milk chocolate texture.

Sourced with care, blended with passion: Our commitment to quality shines in our careful selection of beans from Brazil's Esperanca and Peru's Chachapoyas region. Each bean is a testament to sustainable farming and ethical practices, ensuring not only great taste but also a positive impact on coffee communities.

The perfect brew every time: Whether starting your day or seeking a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, our medium-dark roast seasonal blend espresso roast coffee beans are your ideal companion.

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