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What is Umrah?

Umrah is a mini Hajj that can be done anytime during the year. It can be performed along with Hajj and on other days as well. According to Quran: “—accomplish Hajj and Umrah to please Allah”.

Importance of Mahram

The principle of mahram is important since it regulates everyday human interaction and clearly demarcates the boundaries of permissible human interaction and social activities. Umrah has millions of people from all over the world. And hence, there is a large stamped of people and activities going on at the same time. With the current influx of people and communities, it is highly recommended for women to carry along with their respective Mahram. Additionally, a single woman in any place is highly likely to be harassed by men. It is common human interaction. And with that comes Shaitan and all the evils. That is why it is always safe to be with a man that can provide and decrease the chances of any impurity or lawlessness. Honor and chastity of women are also save with their respective men that are leading them. Umrah is a family event and should be enjoyed as such.

Important advice of all:

• Safeguard your eyesight. When travelling and especially in Makkah when men and women tend to mix more.
• Protect your women; each woman travelling will have a maHram whose responsibility it is to ensure that no harm comes her way. The worst men are the dayyooth (those who lack ghayrah, i.e. do not care if (non-maHram) men approach their wives, mothers, sisters or daughters) and the worst women are those that flirt.
• Don’t intermingle with the opposite sex (non-maHram), particular those in your group/hotel; this is impermissible under all circumstances. Tour leaders/representatives take note: beware of being over-friendly with the females!
• Seek some necessary ‘ilm (knowledge) from trustworthy sources before going so you can perform your acts of worship independently and with confidence.
• Spread Salâm wherever you go; remember: everyone’s a Muslim in the Haramayn, alHamdulillâh! The lack of greetings is a sign of Qiyâmah.
• Always give precedence to the elderly and help them whenever you can.
• Agree the price before making any transaction to avoid unnecessary disagreement later; situations, where this will apply, include shopping, having your luggage trolley pushed by persistent airport workers and getting the laundry done via one of the hotel workers.
• Musical ringtones are a no-no; it’s beyond me why so many Muslims cannot comprehend this simple fact. This includes the Nokia tune as well. Change your mobile phone ring tone to the basic “ring-ring” tone right now. And, whatever you do, do not answer your phone/talk while doing Tawâf; those who do this are showing scant regard for the sanctity of the blessed place they’re in.
• Don’t take photos; unfortunately, that’s all you see nowadays: Muslims taking pictures/videos of anything or anyone in sight as if they need to prove to the world they were there. My advice: have some sincerity; you are there for Allâh and He doesn’t need you to record anything for He is All-Knowing of everything you do.
• Be patient; you will meet all sorts of characters! You’re bound to come across situations where your patience will be tested; remain calm and don’t lose your temper. That way you won’t regret it later.
• Be friendly; you will meet the most pleasant and interesting of Muslims. Don’t shy away from striking up a conversation. At the very least smile, for that in itself is a virtue.
Learning a bit of basic Arabic beforehand will prove very handy.
• If you’re a smoker, please try to quit. If you can’t, please limit it to your hotel (room).
If you get into a taxi, don’t be surprised if one of the side mirrors is missing or the windscreen is cracked; just don’t forget to fasten your seatbelts!
• Some Muslims (more likely in Makkah) might offer you some Naseehah, especially if you make a mistake. Be humble and accept it. If it is within your ability and the situation demands, do not shy away from giving Naseehah but be courteous and respectful.
• The more physically fit you are, the easier it would become to perform the many rituals associated with Hajj and Umrah. If you have decided to perform a walking Hajj, then it would be very important for you to be as fit as possible. This will require walking as much as possible, starting about 6 to 8 weeks before departure, walking greater and greater distances as the time of departure arrives.
Umrah is regarded as a minor pilgrimage with only part of the required rituals performed. Whosoever enters the Mi’qaat (boundary of the Holy Land) has to perform Umrah that includes Tawaaf (seven circuits around the Holy Kabah) and Sa’i (seven times between Mount Safa and Mount Murwa). We at M.zahid help you to fulfill your Umrah tour by offering cheapest umrah packages with complete facilities.

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