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Pre-Design and 3D Modeling

Pre-Design and 3D Modeling

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Service Description

MiTek® and US Framing
Leading The Way
We design and fix problems before framing begins.

BIM Technology now in wood framing.
US Framing and MiTek® are leading the way in Building Information Modeling (BIM) for wood framing. US Framing will manage and control your project through new and innovative technologies, control design stages and the framing process. We will work with your team and MEP Trades to get the design right the first time.

US Framing utilizes MiTek® Saphire software to aid in the pre construction coordination process. We take the time to create a constructible model that aids the framing process and assists field teams. This process helps both US Framing and your management start to bring the experience and capabilities necessary to frame the project correct the first time.

Further, we will provide your field personnel special tools to insure the framing is done correctly, manage the job & complete punch list.

MiTek® Saphire:
- Accurate take offs
- Solve problems in the design phase
- Coordinate with MEP trades for plan accuracy
- Coordinate hardware into the framing
- Coordinate floor and roof trusses with everyone
- Improve communication & cooperation

Pre construction is the most important part of the project. US Framing has a whole department that works with you to insure your job is started correctly.

Efficient. Eliminate Waste.
Our goal is to get the job done right the first time. Beginning with pre construction and continuing through all phases of a project. US Framing’s proven start up technology process and principles drive the efficiency of our services. We strive to eliminate re-work and waist by keeping our teams focused on well-defined deliverables at a reliable and predictable process.

US Framing commits to evaluating all aspects of the job at the pre construction stage and delivering value at the highest level possible.

Our start up team uses advanced technologies, including 3D modeling, to create process flows, discover conflicts and provide the means to solve them. Our commitment to learn allows us to develop more predictable, reliable schedules and offer more time for planning and solving challenges.

If you are searching for a trusted wood framing company that can provide code-compliant design services, look no further than US Framing. Our team has excellent pre-construction and pre-design capabilities. We can create 3D models of your building with the aid of BIM software and work out potential design problems with clients in real-time.

Understanding Pre-Design
At US Framing, our pre-design services are designed to ensure accurate take-offs; solve problems in the design phase; coordinate with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing contractors to increase plan’s accuracy; coordinate hardware into the wood framing; coordinate floor and roof trusses with relevant partners; and improve overall cooperation and communication among project stakeholders. Pre-design is especially important for commercial construction projects because it ensures that everyone makes a decision which improves the client’s ROI. US Framing is the creative partner you can trust. Our pre-design solutions will help you set your project up for success. We have a whole department that works with developers and clients to ensure every job is started correctly.

Why is Pre-Design Important?
It makes sure that a project is kicked off with a clearly defined design plan, an accurate schedule, and an appropriate budget. These elements are crucial to the success of any construction project. In addition, pre-design processes help efficiently translate raw designs into amazing final products. In the past, drawings and blueprints were used to express information about a building plan. This 2D method, however, made it challenging to visualize dimensions and other design requirements. Since Computer Aided Design (CAD) was invented, it has enabled drafters to plan in the digital environment. Thanks to modern 3D technology, our team can bring more realistic visuals to design documents.

Today, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is recognized as the standard. These models are intuitive, can store data, and have geometry. If any object is changed, the BIM software automatically updates the model to reflect that change. This allows the design to remain coordinated and consistent throughout the entire pre-construction process. In addition, contractors, project managers, designers, MEP engineers, architects, and structural engineers can work in a collaborative environment.

How does US Framing’s Pre-Design Services work?
Our team uses MiTek® SAPPHIRE™ software to create constructible models that aid the wood framing process and field teams. This way, we can help our clients frame the project correctly from the get-go. Why MiTek SAPPHIRE™? It is recognized as the next generation of prefabrication software and the first ‘true’ whole house software suite that delivers automatic, intuitive detailing outcomes. We can share easy-to-understand 3D models with architects, builders, owners, and other finishing trades to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Why Choose US Framing’s Pre-Design Services?
Beginning a project with our pre-design best practices helps eliminate re-work and waste. From 3D modeling to creating process flows to discovering conflicts and resolutions, we strive to help clients establish a reliable and predictable process.

If you want to learn more about our pre-design service and the impact it has on the overall framing process, feel free to contact us today.

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