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Contemporary Dance Classes

Contemporary Dance Classes

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“Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body.” – Martha Graham

At Meeraqi we truly believe in the enchanting power of Contemporary dance. We are often thrown a question at us that very curiously asks, “what is contemporary dance?” – and we often need a few moments to explain that. Well, Contemporary dance in its true context is the dance of the “now”.

Dance that keeps evolving and recreating itself every new second!

Even though it has its roots in modern dance classical techniques like Ballet, Jazz etc, it is truly a depiction of expression – both physical and emotional.

Contemporary Dance is tied into a strong narrative, it is highly performance based and it seeks to learn from already set structures of movement to finally break them and make what in the new context would be truly called contemporary – which is devised and developed in this very moment.

At Meeraqi, we have various ways in which you can engage with this form – regular contemporary dance classes, professional contemporary dance courses/programs, and short term contemporary dance workshops.

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