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Guitar Classes

Guitar Classes

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Guitar is a fretted six-stringed musical instrument which is usually played by plucking or strumming the strings with the right hand, while holding down the strings over the neck of the instrument by using the fingers of the left hand against the frets. The sound of the guitar is usually sounded through the use of a hollow box (acoustic guitar) or with the help of an amplifier in the case of an electric guitar.

No matter one’s age, learning to play an instrument is an immensely joyful act. While there are many who try to learn playing guitar, often beginners aren’t able to overcome initial challenges and tend to give up only after a few months. Just like when learning any new skill, it’s common to experience set-backs while learning to play guitar as well. The most important lesson is to break these pieces of learning down into smaller bits that are easy to understand and assimilate.

That is precisely the approach we follow with our guitar classes at Meeraqi. Whether one is an absolute beginner, or an intermediate level player, the lessons in all classes are tailored to the need of the player. We start right from the basics, which include the proper form and way to hold the instrument, to finger training, finger picking exercises, and lessons to better understand the fretboard.

After the initial basics are in place, we move on to understanding scales, chords and modes, and how these all connect together to sound musical. We explore applications of this theory through the practice of playing popular tracks across genres of pop, rock, classic rock, reggae, metal, folk, blues and jazz music.

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