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Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes

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The ancient practice of Yoga is a highly intelligent practice that means the union of mind and Body. We at Meeraqi firmly believe in following a yogic way of life. We practice yoga the traditional way in our yoga classes – by practicing Hatha yoga including salient features of Patanjali, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Bikram, Power, Vyasya, Shwaas, Kriya and Pregnancy Yoga along, whenever and to whatever extent possible.

Hatha yoga is an ancient school of thought that believes in mastering stillness into the asana or the posture. The ultimate aim of Hatha yoga practice is ‘Sugham Sthiram Asana’ which means a steady and effortless posture. In our yoga classes each posture is held for 2 minutes at least to gain strength and mastery over that posture and hence reap the health benefits from it.

Of course Yoga is a healthy way of living and along with yoga we also teach Yoga nidra which is a pratyahara practice along with pranayama for better health in our all-inclusive yoga classes at Meeraqi. As they always say, the true test of good health is in the breath. The deeper and more aware the breath, the healthier is the mind as well as the body.

One must make yoga a daily practice. Yoga is good for weight loss, as well as weight gain for those who are underweight. It is a lovely practice to stimulate the endocrine system and keep in control all the lifestyle diseases like diabetes and thyroid. It is also a brilliant practice to treat hypertension and of course the breath work in yoga, also known as pranayama is excellent for stress level reduction. Yoga Nidra is a great tool for heightened awareness of mind and body, something that is very much required in the present times.

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