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Boiler Water Chemistry & Corrosion Control Techniq

Boiler Water Chemistry & Corrosion Control Techniq

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Training Objective
This course is meant to raise awareness about the significance of chemistry in a power plant and the advancement.
The focus is to provide the knowledge on the essential programmatic features of a formalized plant chemistry program, and guidance and/or state-of-the-art direction on how to do the following:
Develop a management supported cycle chemistry program,
Develop and/or implement optimum chemistries for each unit,
Develop unit-specific limits, action levels, and operating procedures,
Decide on optimum sampling points, and specify and install the EPRI/OEM minimum “core” level of instrumentation,
Decide on when or whether to chemically clean the boiler,
Illustrate benefits of condensate polishers and other cycle chemistry improvement features and/or equipment,
Develop and/or apply technical and cost performance indices, and to reduce chemistry-related corrosion and/or deposition costs and demonstrate the benefits of optimum unit-specific chemistries.

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