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Fundacle BPAN Number

Fundacle BPAN Number

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The concept of Fundacle BPAN Number (Business Plan Account Number) will be the game changer and would enhance the existing financial ecosystem globally by providing a single aspect which is missing currently, data integrity and ease of access to data that convert financial lead into a deal.

What is Fundacle BPAN Number?

When any business proposal is posted on Fundacle by Businessman / Business Seller / Innovations for every proposal unique 16 Alphanumeric is generated which will always be unique to the business proposal posted.

For any Investor to view the complete business proposal, just Fundacle BPAN Number is required. The investor can view through Fundacle Mobile App / Website.

Just login as an investor of Fundacle and put the BPAN Number. That’s all.
Why Fundacle BPAN Number is needed?

For funding requirements which anyone is looking for funding from finance institution, information needs to be submitted. In the form of Why Funding is Needed? Refund Capacity Details? Purpose of Funding? Tenure of Funding? Project Details? Past Professional History?

Now the Fundseeker provide similar information to 4 – 5 different financial institution which at time collect the information through Emails, Physical documents through third party agencies, Fax or Other mediums.

Average time for a bank to confirm all documents are as per their requirement is at least 7 – 10 working days, then public holidays plays a crucial role is making the delay further. The best part is all banks view the same information in different way since in most times not all bank get all the documents on time even if they get their respective bank staff arrange in different format.

This is the biggest problem in the existing financial eco system globally.
Fundacle BPAN Number eradicates this problem by making all the information seamless and uniform, so all funding institution now view single BPAN Number for the business proposal and download it into an ASCII format and upload to their Loan Management System (LMS)

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