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Master Health Checkup

Master Health Checkup

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Service Description

Master Health Checkup is the newly launched preventive health checkup package by Indus Health Plus. This package is customized with the full body checkup package with exclusive of CT-scan and Sono-mammography tests.
This package is designed according to the requirements of our clients who wish to go for a customized full body checkup. There is no age limit for Master Health Checkup everyone above the 18 years can take this package.

Test Details - Master Health Checkup (56 Tests)

1. Doctor's Counselling
2. Heart Status: 2D Echo Cardiography, ECG, Chest X-Ray
3. Lipid Profile: Cholesterol, LDL & VLDL, Triglycerides, CHO or HDL Ratio
4. Diabetes Marker: Blood Sugar (Fasting & PP)
5. Infection Markers: Haemogram, Urine
6. Abdominal Check: Ultrasonography
7. Liver Function: SGPT, SGOT, Serum Bilirubin
8. Kidney Function
9. Fitness Markers: Total Body Fat Percentage or BMI
10. CT Calcium Score
11. Lung Function
12. Vitamin B12 Deficiency Test
13. Eye Checkup
14. Thyroid Profile
15. Fracture Risk
16. PSA (for men > 45 years)
17. Hepatitis B
18. Vitamin D3 in your blood.
19. Screening of Neck Vessels

Additional Women's Specific Tests

1. Doctor's Counseling
2. Pap Smear [Female]

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