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Hair loss Treatment for Men

Hair loss Treatment for Men

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Hair is one of the most vital manifestations of good personality.

Hair loss is becoming one of the biggest nightmares, especially for men.

Due to their hectic lifestyles, they have very little time to look after their health, which proves to be one of the main causes of hair loss.

It not only occurs due to stressful routines and lifestyles, but also due to hereditary causes.

Though there are different reasons for men to lose hair:

The most common type of hair loss is male pattern baldness.

Baldness in men is mainly caussed by genetics, which may directly effect hair follicles and cause them to shrink.

These hair follicles become so small that they only produce weaker, shorter hair.

Hair growth can also stop altogether.

As hair loss is a common phenomenon these days for men, there has been a great demand for hair loss treatment in the market.

Though several hair loss treatment methodologies and entities are available in the market, there is always a certain risk factor attached to them.

Generally, such treatments may cause side effects or may contain ingredients that may cause damage to the hair.

Hence, it is advisable to consult a hair specialist rather than going directly for any kind of hair treatments available.

Hair specialists at Raidance provide you professional and safe treatment advise.

We at Radiance offer the best hair loss treatment for men, that results in stopping hair fall apart from helping to stimulates new hair growth.

Our experienced men’s hair transplant surgeon offers the hair restoration techniques like FUT and FTE.

The following are some of the medications offered by our expert team of doctors for hair loss treatment :

It prevents the conversion of testosterone into DHT which causes male pattern baldness.
It was originally prescribed by doctors to treat prostate problems but has been shown to stop hair loss and even reverse the balding process in some cases.
As with most drugs, there are a few adverse side effects in rare instances. This drug is not meant for women.

It is marketed as a hair growth cream and has exhibited 25% effectiveness in men with baldness of the crown.
It is applied twice a day and is only effective as long as it is being used.

3.Laser Therapy:
It is one of the medications offered at the first stage of your hair fall.
This low level laser therapy to prevent hair loss and thinning promises to restore hair in a non-invasive way.
The whole hair fall treatment can be done by using the light energy at the areas of hair fall.

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