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Non-surgical Hair Loss Treatment

Non-surgical Hair Loss Treatment

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Hair loss is one of the most common problems for both men and women.

Losing hair is very traumatic and can affect a person's self confidence and personality.

That is the reason why hair loss products have become a multi million business today.

As surgical treatment procedures can be invasive, very uncomfortable and require several sessions, it is better to go with a non surgical hair replacement procedure that just might be the best alternative for you.

Non surgical hair replacement is an affordable process for individuals who are suffering with significant hair loss.

Radiiance- a renowned hair replacement centre in Hyderbad, offers non-surgical hair replacement – an alternative for hair regeneration for patients who desire a thick and fuller hair without undergoing any surgery.

Generally, non surgical hair loss treatment with prescribed medications, scalp messages, is a best way to restore your hair from the strands.

But we at Radiiance offer the Non surgical treatment in three different ways.

Topical and oral:

Our oral treatment at Radiiance through anti-inflammatory products aims to minimise redness, flaking, inflammation and itching that are known to contribute to excessive hair loss. Topical treatments that contain superoxide work by minimizing levels of super oxide that triggers hair loss. At the same time, they are able to minimize tissue inflammation and stimulate hair growth.

PRP[ Platelet Rich Plasma]:

PRP- an non operative treatment option offered at Radiiance for both men and women, who are experiencing severe hair loss. It can be used with hair transplant surgery, or as an independent treatment for thinning hair. This therapy help to stimulate and accentuate high concentrations of growth factors, that has been shown to generate new hair growth, thicken existing hair growth, and make hair transplants grow thicker and healthier.

Laser Therapy:

Laser therapy is considered as one of the best hair loss treatment methods available today for hair loss. It is hailed as a breakthrough by a large number physicians and plastic surgeons. It works by stimulating the minute blood vessels of the scalp, thus improving circulation and blood flow to the hair roots.

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