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Interven​tional Pain Managem​ent

Interven​tional Pain Managem​ent

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What is Interventional Pain Management?

The discipline referred to as interventional pain management is designed to assist patients in overcoming their pain without resorting to medications. Instead, various techniques are used to diagnose the source of the pain and remove it as soon as possible. A growing number of patients and medical professionals are questioning the effectiveness of pain medications. Although the medications work, they come with many side effects and the risk of the patient becoming dependent on them.

Interventional pain management involves the usage of things such as acupuncture and chiropractors to help patients overcome spinal pain. Physical therapists might assist athletes who are suffering from pain involving their muscles, while other doctors might perform procedures which are minimally invasive. Equally important, interventional pain management relies on mental health experts to help patients deal with the anxiety and depression that often accompanies chronic pain. Different healthcare professionals will work together to come up with solutions that are unique for each patient.

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