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Importance of B2B Marketplace in Export And Import

Import and export are the biggest form of business for almost all countries. It is the most beneficial business not only for an individual but also for a nation. Import business is the process of bringing goods and services from another country and the people who deal with these kinds of business are known as importers. Similarly export business is the process of shipping goods and services from one’s own country to others and people who do this are known as exporters. Exporters and...

5 Major Benefits Of Using Online B2B Trading Portals For Business

To carry on any purchase related operations or to unify various buyers, sellers and businesses, an Online Traders Portal is the right place to approach. It ultimately helps in reducing operational costs and make the visibility of products available to a larger audience.
There is a sudden increase in the appearance of online marketplaces and the B2B portals serving the purpose.

They have tailor made sophisticated features which cater business requirements. There are numerous suppliers...

Why your Startup business needs an online B2B portal?

There are few facts that you need to know, like there are around 84% of people using their B2B portals for their marketing strategies. No matter who you sell your products to and by what name you sell it, these online marketplaces for startup always help in padding up your wallet.

Some of the most compelling reasons for using the online marketplace strategies  which Dealerbaba suggests are-

1. It drives the targeted traffic- Create a new page, and let the brilliance speak for you in...

How Dealerbaba Can Help You To Spread Your Business?

To create a brand value for any kind of business, you need to go through a lot. Listing the business in business lists or Local Business Directory is not enough. It's very important to impress the customers. Once you have gained popularity among a certain set of customers then you need not worry about spreading the business to the next lot because the first set will work for your business to create the necessary brand awareness. Dealerbaba does the same for you. Still there are numerous...

Few Ways To Get Assistance For Promoting Women Entrepreneurship
08Mar 2017

In the current scenario, if we have to move towards sustainable development then we have to look for the growth of both genders. We have heard a lot about man entrepreneurs but on this international women’s day, we would like to put some light on developing the spirit of women entrepreneurship. Just like any entrepreneur, a female entrepreneur also needs resources, support, and capital to start its own venture. In addition to this, self-confidence and moral is the driving force to boost...

How To Keep Updated Your Customers About Your Business?
06Mar 2017

To retain old customers is an easier task than to fetch new ones for your business. There are just some small changes which either attract customers or compel them to question the loyalty of brand especially for the local business listing India

Few basic strategies to keep customers interested in your business are :

 Step1. Calling clients :-  Communication is vital for a business. There must be some periodic calls which help you to keep a check on the services and updates as well. Keep...

How can social media benefit your business?
15Feb 2017

The entrepreneurs worldwide look for the promotion of their businesses through social media which is the new big thing in the market. For others it is just nothing new thing for which people are just crazy about and has no practicality involved.

This is surely an unprofitable kind of marketing business which surely increases the site traffic. Some people know how to use this tool to their maximum advantage but the rest are still struggling with the efforts using it.
Therefore this holds...

Economical benefits of a B2B Marketplace - Dealerbaba
14Feb 2017

B2B marketing or business to business marketing comprises of development and marketing of services and or products of a company to another company. A B2B marketplace is an online platform that provides companies with the stage to sell and buy the products and also helping with deals and transactions. The marketplaces provide free business listings in India and across the globe or...

Manage Your Online Store at B2B E-commerce Platform
03Feb 2017

With the recent developments in IT industry in India, eCommerce platforms have seen a lot of growth. Clients are preferring eCommerce over field sales due to a large number of advantages. A report from a renowned firm reveals that just 14% B2B companies did not offer their clients an eCommerce platform.
It’s high time you start investing in an eCommerce platform if you haven’t done yet because this is the new face of the market now. In B2B clientele,
free business listings in India has...

How B2B Portal Can influence your Business?
30Jan 2017

There are numerous benefits that the B2B business offers its users with its online sales portal. Everybody has a clear view of all the online and offline transactions with the details and pricing. Be it a distributor, a salesperson or even the customer for that matter, everyone has an equal say when it comes to the B2b business directory.
There are various factors which make it a powerful option, which includes –


10 Step a B2B Portal Can influence your Business :


1. Scale- A...

Contribute To Digital India By Starting Online Business This Republic Day
25Jan 2017

Our honorable Prime Minister has initiated Make In India campaign to boost businesses in India. As many business owners have already started their business with government subsidies and aid, there are plenty who are still thinking to start their own venture. But, initiating the campaign is not just enough to promote businesses in India. There are a number of people out there who are unaware of the procedure to start an online venture and therefore, fail to start their own Online business.

How To Engage Your Customers Towards Your Brands
05Jan 2017

In order to push your business to the next level, you need to work hard on engaging your customers with your brand. Many business holders stop making efforts after listing their business on the local business listing in India. But, the real work starts after listing your business in a free business directory. Most of the business owners focus on lead generation and customer acquisition and forget that if these customers are not motivated and upgraded then they will likely switch to the...

How To Spread Your Brand That Connect You With Your Customers
03Jan 2017

After listing your business on a free business listing in India, the work does not end here. If you really want to create a significant impact then you have to work really hard to create a brand value. If you have created a significant name among the first lot of customers then it is likely that you won’t have to work hard to get the next set, as the first lot will create brand awareness for your business. There are many business holders who still think that only free listing in India and...

Best Christmas Gifts That Keep You At The Top of Client's Minds - Dealerbaba
23Dec 2016

Christmas is the perfect time to remind your clients that you do not care only about their business but, also about their personal interests. This is the best time to improve your relations with your clients, stakeholders and other associates. What is a better way other than gifting your client’s a memorable item that not only reminds them about you but, also make lasting impression. Corporate gifts also put your company’s name, logo and marketing message in front of your potential...

How B2B Portal Can Promote Your Business? - Dealerbaba
22Dec 2016

In an era, where digitization is catching pace at a rapid rate, there is a very rare chance of your business to expand globally staying conventional. In order to take the next step in your business approach a
local business listing in India and take your business identity online. This will introduce to a new set of customers whose preference is to search, analyze, and shop online for different spheres of requirements. To begin try free listing directory,  this will not only take you...

5 Reasons To Use a B2B Marketplace
19Dec 2016

B2B marketplace is not a new thing but, still the users of B2B marketplace are restricted. However, the trend is changing slowly and more people are realizing the potential of a B2B business portal. But, still channelizing these portals at a significant level is required so that more business houses can use such places to improve their productivity and profitability in a sustainable manner. For the ones who are not aware of the perks of using a B2B marketplace, the following factors will...

How B2B Portal Can Help You Develop and Boost Your Business?
18Nov 2016

These kinds of web portals are effective in developing businesses. The prime difference between B2B and B2C portals are that the former ones are used for business houses and the latter one for all kinds of internet users worldwide. This can aid the associates, resellers and distributors to form organizations. It can help you develop the business in numerous ways-

1. Promotion of Products and Services- These business portals enjoy various services such as advertisement, personalized...

5 Tips To Optimize B2B Marketplace Listing To Derive Most Advantages
03Nov 2016

There are various kinds of market places which supply products online and have an effective supply because there are a bunch of users browsing and searching for the same product through the same portal at the same time. This type of online B2B marketplace thus serves as a wholesale market for the buyers and sellers who want to use and sell their products and services. In this type of businesses the online markets make profits through pages in which their products are ranked as per the...

How to Become An Extraordinary B2B Buyer or Seller of the New Generation?
17Oct 2016

The B2B business is now growing to become a digital market from the physical one attracting more and more consumers every day. Almost every day around 10,000 baby boomers are retiring for the same cause. The next generation now needs to be well equipped with some skills that can meet the growing and ever changing complex needs of the world.
For getting leads in the market every day, the sellers and buyers are coming up with new marketing strategies in the B2B market such as promotional...

5 Smart Steps to Boost Your Business With Help of B2B Portal
31Aug 2016

These kinds of web portals are effective in developing businesses. The prime difference between B2B and B2C portals are that the former ones are used for business houses and the latter one for all kinds of internet users worldwide. This can aid the associates, resellers and distributors to form organizations. It can help you develop the business in numerous ways-

  1. Promotion of products and services:- These business portals enjoy various services such as advertisement, personalized...

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