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  • Advantages of B2B ecommerce Selling for Small Business

    07 May 2018 /

    Advantages of B2B ecommerce Selling for Small Business

    Business to business ecommerce is growing rapidly with each passing day because of unbelievable benefits it offers. It provides an effective way and platform for your business as well as customers as they can purchase products directly online and at reasonable price. Imagine if all your customers, clients, distributors and dealers can see their offline and online order at same place in just a single click.

    This will make management of their orders easy and moreover, help in looking over pricing, budget and promotions through online experience. But, unfortunately many small scale merchants are suffering due to this. Now they need not to worry anymore, as B2B ecommerce selling can prove to be fruitful online marketing for small business. This can help in making them stand a step ahead in front of their competitors.

    Main advantages of B2B ecommerce selling -

    There are so many benefits of opting for B2B ecommerce selling, some of them include high transparency, flexibility, scalability, better focused, enhanced competition and much more.

    Here are some main benefits that you will likely enjoy if planning to opt for business to business selling site or web store -

    Attracts new and potential customers -

    Not every distributor, wholesaler or industrial supplier is going to start business to business ecommerce. So, this creates a better market opportunity for many companies dealing in customer goods and services and in fact, they will be able to sale out more things in online B2B ecommerce. At the time of purchasing professional products online at least eight out of ten products are advanced and efficient which helps in attracting potential customers.

    To get better result in short time, companies can even make initial purchase point or ask for preferences from customers or request any kind of quote from the buyers. This will provide benefit to both seller and buyer as this will call off unwanted tax and price. While on other hand, this will even provide assistance to sales team as soon they will be able to use B2B selling as competitive advantage. Overall, even a small difference or a tiny benefit can help in winning better business and offer many surprises.

    Increase in sales -

    With B2B ecommerce selling, you will reach new customers and not only this, it will also allow to manage and implement automated up sell and cross sell recommendation program. This will offer relevant and utmost suggestions to new and old customers on site and encourage customers to purchase different kind of items with better and advanced functionality and features.

    Improved brand image -

    Online B2B e-commercial center can help in improving brand image and increase brand awareness as well, especially among competitors. Developing such pages with help of search engine is one of the fast, best and proven ways which help in improving results of search engine optimization.  As a result, it improve livelihood of the targeted audience.

    Data-driven -

    Powerful B2B software can streamline your business and automate different processes and this can also grant insight information related to data which matters to marketing operations and sales. This is very beneficial if you are planning to integrate your ecommerce software with ERP system. While on other side, if you are already having integrated setup then ERP system can help in providing detailed statistics of sales of each and every client.

    Not only this, it can also tell revenue, total orders, discounts and profit percentages within a given period of time. Therefore, with so much of data availability there is no need of vague statistics.

    Customer reviews -

    Great online experience will bring your old customers back and even help in driving better sales and high profit margin. A single promotional text from wholesaler or manufacturer can help in attracting many new customers with positive reviews that will offer number of benefits in coming time.

    So, overall by offering an extensive and effective B2B web store clients can be easily turn into evangelists. While on other hand, clients leaving single review on your web store and sharing their enthusiasm have incredible as well as outstanding effect on business with reviews producing an uplift of 18%.

    Fulfillment of orders at faster pace -

    One other benefit of B2B ecommerce selling is that, it gives an opportunity for speeding up the order fulfillment processes with help of cloud based platform. In past, online ecommerce platform was built independent of legacy. This left business to business sellers scrambling especially when it comes about ordering tracking and processing system.

    Due to this, accurate data was not able to synchronize by systems which lead to delay in timely information. To overcome this problem, cloud based platforms are built as they can run on any device and integrate with any software. Overall, B2B sellers can promise accurate, fast, transparent and timely delivery to customers.

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