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In Photoshop, Background removal service is one of the photo editing services that clips, masks and cuts out the image inside and outside background and replace a natural or white color background. Drawing Path and layer masking are very effective and vital for Background Removal Service. In Photoshop, there is also automatic background removal tool to remove background from photo but it is not so much effective. Because it damages the photo outline and inside by cutting rudely and un-smoothly and makes huge curves. This kind of service is useful in ecommerce industry or online marketing, fashion or modeling fields, advertising or marketing and magazines. These industries need photos of their product to be freely edited or manipulated to remove, replace, or change background or unwanted objects.

Asia Clipping is an international background removal service company with more than 10 years of experience in digital photography. We are working with hundreds of famous media, fashion, printing, ecommerce, photography and other creative organizations. We have an expert team of about 150 photo retouchers, graphic designers and providing our clients the best background removal services. Currently, Asia Clipping has the capability to provide our clients more than 3000 images in a day. Background removal services can be divided into several types many kinds. Read below to find out more,
Creating the perfect foundation is a great goal to sell or promote something, but it is not easy to achieve. Without the groundwork, the thing itself has a lot of focus. Background removal is an early rebuilding technique and it is used everywhere. Ordering this service online saves you a lot of time so these experienced photo shooters are very popular. The process consists of hidden rocks, for example, the background of the photos is vivid. If you plan on editing the photo later, the softer colors will suit you better. But this is only a beginning for the whole photograph enhancement process.


Creating Path is the first step to remove the background. Manual/ hand drawing is the best and most popular method to remove background from photo. If you have a perfect photo, you will need to replace some details or material to put it on the cover of a magazine or use it for advertising. Creating an outline of the object and creating it on an as-needed basis is your answer and your best tool for this is usually Photoshop.


Do you know what it is? If this word is unusual for you, you are going to find out. Masking means moving a shot from its background without changing any other element of the shot. If you want to work on something else, you can always outsource your image. For example, this service is usually applied when the issue is complicated with hair replacement or remove hair background. This can make your picture more natural. It is often used by graphical designers and other professionals in the field of art and marketing.

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