Armoured Military Vehicles

Armoured Military Vehicles

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Product Description

MSPV is a manufacturer of Armoured Military Truck, covering the entire range of armoured transport, command and role-specific for the international Military forces. MSPV Armoured Military truck design that uncompromisingly meets all military standards and spans a wide range of military applications.
MSPV is constantly striving to update our fleet to give you the latest and greatest military Truck. MSPV offers a range of trucks that suit all the needs of our customers and helps them to accomplish their missions, Ranging from mission support in the battle area to logistical tasks in the homeland. Due to their improved off-road capabilities, these trucks are well suited to support troops even in rough terrain. And since they are based on commercial models, their life-cycle costs are very low.
Today, MSPV offers a range of military trucks for all assignments, with exceptional life-cycle costs, performance – and most importantly – crew protection. MSPV Panthera truck was developed for the transportation of cargo and soldiers, design that allows for the convenience and safety.
Our Armoured Military Truck is built to order and to customer specifications. Please contact us today at +971 4 883 0444 or draft mail on, for details and pricing on any of our Armoured Military Truck.

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