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Goods & Services Tax is a comprehensive, multi-stage, destination-based tax that will be levied on every value addition. GST is one indirect tax for the whole nation, which will make India one unified common market.

GST is a single tax on the supply of goods and services, right from the manufacturer to the consumer. Credits of input taxes paid at each stage will be available in the subsequent stage of value addition, which makes GST essentially a tax only on value addition at each stage. The final consumer will thus bear only the GST charged by the last dealer in the supply chain, with set-off benefits at all the previous stages.

GST defines a transaction as ‘Supply’ when there is a transfer, exchange, rental, lease, barter, disposal or license of goods or services. Whenever a transaction takes place, a tax invoice has to be issued depending on the occurrence of any such event or within a prescribed time limit. Hence, every taxpayer registered under the GST network shall be required to issue a tax invoice for the supply of goods or services.

The invoice contains S.No, details of product such as product name, description, quantity, etc along with details of supplier, purchaser, tax charged and other particulars such as discounts, terms of sale etc

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